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Practicing in life - living in practice.
And how movement helps.

The six subsidiary exercises of Rudolf Steiner in connection with Spacial-Dynamics® movements.
The so-called subsidiary exercises of Rudolf Steiner are about developing skills that make us stronger, more flexible and at the same time more stable in our everyday life. The first subsidiary exercise, for example, involves: guiding one's thoughts purposefully, concentrating on essentials in one's actions, and becoming more and more attentive. In addition, they are also helpful companions for a deeper meditation and training path. In the course we will complement the subsidiary exercises with appropriate movement principles and exercises from Spacial Dynamics®. We will practice intensively and exchange ideas.

A seminar which will be spread in two episodes over the whole year of 2022.

Episode 1:
Friday, 14 Jan. 2022, 18-19.30 , Saturday 15 Jan. 2022, 9-16.30
Repetition and exchange: Friday, 18 Feb. 2022, 18-20.30 and Friday, 18 March 2022, 18-20.30
Friday, 13 May 2022, 18-19.30, Saturday, 14 Mai, 9-16.30
Repetition and exchange: Friday, 17 June, 18-20.30

Episode 2:
In 2nd half-year. Dates are agreed upon together.

Cost: CHF 540.- (Episode 1), if registered before December 15, 2021: CHF 490.-
Trainers: Gabriele und Markus Hurter