The Bothmer® Gymnastics Diploma

The Bothmer® Gymnastics Diploma

In 2025 and 2026 Jaimen McMillan will be in Italy to hold the long-awaited meetings necessary to acquire

The Bothmer® Gymnastics Diploma  

The course required to obtain the diploma is divided into two parts:

30 - 31 October / 1-2 November 2025 the first part of the course

14 - 17 May 2026 second concluding part and corresponding examination to obtain the diploma.

c/o " Il Canevon" Malcontenta Venezia Via J. del Cassero, 4 Italy

For those who would like to confirm their training in Bothmer Gymnastics with a diploma, but also for those who would like to deepen and rediscover the beauty and importance of this movement discipline, grasping, thanks to the decades of experience of Jaimen McMillan (co-founder with Alheidis von Bothmer of the Stuttgart training school) details, nuances, deeper meanings.

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