Summer Days

Summer Days 2023

Dear Spacial Dynamics® enthusiasts and people who want to become one!

We cordially invite you to our second Summer Days Event with the theme:

"Going into Resonance - Resonating Together"
June, 02 - June, 04 2023

at Freie Waldorf School Erlangen (FEW) Rudolf – Steiner – Straße 2, 91058 Erlangen, Deutschland

This year’s event will build on the successes and festivity of last year’s experiences. Our plan for this year is to:

  • Open the event to all who are interested in getting to know Spacial Dynamics®. We welcome you and your interested friends!
  • Offer various movement activities, our "Playground" to experience Spacial Dynamics® in a very practical way.
  • Continue to offer subject specific groups, where everyone can bring their specific questions about Spacial Dynamics and work through them moving together.
  • Create the opportunity to connect through moving together, celebrating, dancing and being together ...

Please share this news; bring your friends and together, let's again create a colorful, lively and festive event!

We look forward to welcoming all of you!

The preparation team,
Britta Treumann, Carmen Jochen, Heike Carbon, Judith Bigler, Maria Plappert, Michaela Ise


Moving together:

We all start and end the day together: with the joy of movement, we resonate together as a whole group.

Experimenting in movement activities -- our "Playground":

  • Circus Arts
  • Throwing Javelins
  • Contact dance
  • Work on the Spacial Dynamics® basic exercises

Here we will incorporate Spacial Dynamics® principles into movement disciplines and explore their helpful effects.

Exchange in expert groups:

In specialty groups, we aim to resonate and develop our questions and common themes in various fields of life.

  • Medicine / Therapy
  • Pedagogy
  • Spacial Dynamics® in everyday life
  • Spacial Dynamics® and Art

For new participants joining us during these times there will be an introduction to Spacial Dynamics®.

For the registration sheet

Choice of movement activity -- "Playground“
Which movement activity would you like to participate in?
- Priority 1
- Priority 2


Accommodations in classrooms or the FWE gym or in your own camper (no additional costs).
Other accommodation should be arranged by the participants themselves.
Within walking distance from the school there is the Hotel Grille


Waldorf School Erlangen, Rudolf-Steiner-Str. 2, 91058 Erlangen.
From Eltersdorf train station by foot (approx. 20 min) or from Erlangen train station by bus 290 to Lilientalstr. from there by foot (approx. 7 min).


150,00 €- per person for room and bord, meals and drinks.
All meals are included.
On Friday evening we are planning to have a shared buffet. For this we ask you to contribute something tasty.
It is important to us that participation is possible for everyone interested in Spacial Dynamics®.

We are able to provide financial assistance for travel expenses and/or attendance fee.

Please apply on your application form if financial support is needed.

Closing date:

May 07, 2023; Registration by mail to Judith Bigler;
Your application is valid from the date of transfer and receipt of the participation fee.


Start: Friday, June 02, 2023, at 02:00 pm
Closing: Sunday June 04,2023, at 02:00 pm