Spacial Dynamics® Level II Program

Date: January 24 -26, 2020 – Sandwich – Course = with public part on Friday evening and Saturday

Where: Freie Waldorfschule Magdeburg, Germany, information and application:

Theme: The Middle Senses – Taste, Smell, Sight, Warmth

Short description: In this course we continue to work with the human senses. After we researched the development and the spatial aspects of the four lower senses before in combination with Spacial Dynamics® exercises, we are going to discover the four middle senses; smell. taste. sight and warmth. We will practice exercises and hands - on techniques, which will help us to understand the balanced development of these senses in the human life.

Trainers: Marita Tulloch, Les Tulloch

Date: September 10 – 13, 2020

Where: Freie Waldorfschule Ludwigsburg, Germany

Theme: Movement Intensive

Short description: Spacial Dynamics® has grown over the past 35 years. This Movement Intensive course is more than “a catch me up”. It is designed to help you grow with it. Many who have graduate from SDI would be surprised to know the bod of work has expanded to include 45 Spacial Dynamics® exercises, and 30 Hands – on techniques. Come and build on the solid base you have received. There is always space to move. Join us!

Trainer: Jaimen McMillan

Date: November 30 - December 02, 2020

Where: Bucharest

Theme: to be determined

Short description:

Trainer: Jaimen McMillan

Date: December 06 - 08, 2020

Where: Oriago Malcontent, Italy

Theme: Body Image

Short description: Body image is the picture an individual carries of his or her body. Perceptions and misconceptions of our bodies play important roles in how we act, inter-act, and are re-acted to. Body image influences the roles we are offered and the roles we choose to take in every stage of the drama of our lives. This is even more poignant when we consider that our body images are often unconscious. Often at the root of many eating disorders and depressive conditions, poor body image may negatively affect self-confidence, sexual health, and overall personal development.

Trainer: Jaimen McMillan

Date: to be determined

Where: to be determined

Theme: Sharing experiences of the Level II - candidates

Short description: The participants will have the chance to share their personal experiences in using Spacial Dynamics® techniques in different fields. They will practice exercises and Hands On techniques. This will be the place to formulate questions and address problems. Experienced Level III instructors.

Trainer: to be determined

(To be organized by the Level II – aspirants concerning place, date, trainers)

Contact for the Level II Program:

Ursula Schaller,
Marita Tulloch,