Spacial Dynamics® Level II Program

Greek Games for 5th Graders using the PACT Model

Date: April 29 – May 01, 2022
Where: Italy Paestum - Capaccio (Naples)
Short Description: Greek Games with the PACT Model
Trainer: Jaimen McMillan

The Association Spazio Vivo, in collaboration with the Spacial Dynamics Institute and the Association Spacial Dynamics Italy and Europe proposes a Level II meeting with Jaimen McMillan from friday 29 april to sunday 1 may 2022 dedicated to the Olympic Games - Pentathlon, PACT model (Pentathlon, Arts, Cooperation and Truce).
In this meeting you will be able to learn and / or deepen, with Jaimen McMillan, the teaching of the ancient Olympic disciplines, running, jumping, wrestling, discus throw and
javelin throw, as provided by the Olympic Games proposed in the fifth grade program of Waldorf schools.
The day of Saturday the course will be open also to teachers, educators, parents in which they can experience this approach to movement aimed at inclusion, exchange and healthy way to get involved. The site of Paestum is known and famous throughout the world, including for the temple of Poseidon, perfectly preserved.

Forming the Habit Body

Date: September 08 – 11, 2022
Where: Freie Waldorfschule Ludwigsburg, Germany
Theme: Movement Intensive
Short description:

Many exercises focus on the physical body: how to get stronger, more flexible, more stamina. There is another body that is also helpful to train: “The Habit Body.”
Like the physical body, it is important that this life-force Habit Body is in “good shape”, that it is sound, supple, and resilient. In this course we will use Spacial Dynamics exercises and techniques to understand the processes of how to circumvent non-supportive habits, and how to create habits that are health and development-engendering. Come join us and practice forming your Habit Body.  Change may be one of the best habits you ever chose!

Trainer: Jaimen McMillan

Contact for the Level II Program:

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