Spacial Dynamics® Level II Program

Spacial Dynamics® and psychological distress - Therapeutic Applications

Date: November 5-6-7 2021

Friday 5th November at 2:00 pm to 7.30 pm
Saturday 6th November at 9:00 am to 7.30 pm
Sunday 7th November at 9:00 am to 12:30 pm


Where: Venezia - Malcontenta, Via J. del Cassero, 4

In every stage of development, in every disease and in every relationship, specific patterns of movement in relation to space are observed. These can reinforce or undermine the natural state of wellbeing and health.

There will be patients on site and we will see how Spacial Dynamics® is applied in practice.
We will work together with exercises and practical techniques applied to patients.
We will also look at the topic "First encounters with a patient and anamnesis" and the clinical pictures of mental illnesses.

In this Level II we will explore the application of Spacial Dynamics® to situations of mental distress and mental illness.

Starting from the relationship with space, we will see how Spacial Dynamics® can help to modify the unfavourable patterns established in psychic illness.

Trainer: Dieter Bigler

Dieter Bigler is a Spacial Dynamics® trainer, level IV. He has been a Waldorf teacher for 25 years, of which 20 years as teacher of movement, gymnastics and sports.
For 13 years he led the movement and body therapy team in Lucerne Psychiatry/Switzerland.
He is retired since 3 years and working in continuing education.

Tuition: € 300 inclusive member fee

Contact and information: / fb.Italia Spacial Dynamics

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