Spacial Dynamics® Level II Program

PAIN - Level II with Dieter Bigler

Date: October 21 - 23, 2022
Where: Italy, Venice-Malcontenta
Short Description: Pain
Trainer: Dieter Bigler

"Pain forces the person to pay attention to the wounded area."

In any disease, specific patterns of movement of the person in relation to space can be observed. In this Level II course we will cover the application of Spacial Dynamics® to "PAIN".

"The body is just the stage of your pain, of the event behind the pain."

Based on the fact that all pain changes a person's relationship to space, we will see how Spacial Dynamics® can help to positively change unfavorable patterns such as poor posture, movement impairments, etc., that have resulted from pain, thereby reducing it or making it disappear.

On patients will be shown how Spacial Dynamics® is applied in practice. Together we will practice and refine the applications we have seen on patients.

The "first meeting with a patient and the anamnesis" will also be a topic.

Cost: € 300 including membership fee
Contact: Manuela Calzavara
Tel.: +39 34 67 66 44 53

Mastery of Spacial Dynamics® Exercises and their Therapeutic Application

Date: 21 October - 23 October 2022
Where: Freie Waldorfschule Ludwigsburg, Germany
Theme: Mastery of Spacial Dynamics® Exercises and their Therapeutic Application
Short description:
This course is for those who want to refresh or deepen the exercises using the Spacial Dynamic® principles.
We’ll also look at the therapeutic aspect of some of them.
There will be a lot of movement!

Trainers: Susanne Wanke and Bernard Thiry

Costs: 300,00 €; to pay on site

Bernard Thiry: Phone: +33 615643228 or
Susanne Wanke: Phone: +4915757982874

Minimum number of participants: 6

Deadline for registration: 1st October 2022

Contact for the Level II Program:

Ursula Schaller,
Marita Tulloch,