Spacial Dynamics® Level I Program

Spacial Dynamics® is a form of therapy and exercise that deals with the interaction of the moving person with the space surrounding him. Every situation, no matter how unique, consists of different components, e.g. physical, mental, spiritual and spatial aspects of movement interact. As one learns to consciously shape the relationship between one's body and the personal surrounding space, one's gestures, posture and chosen movement patterns also change.
New "free spaces" can emerge, which lead to healthier personal and interpersonal dynamics. For this purpose, a large number of Spacial Dynamics® movement exercises, therapeutic techniques and games have been developed to help the practitioner to find his or her own balance on different levels.

General information

The complete in-service training in Spacial Dynamics® is divided into 4 years. Each year consists of 5 intensive blocks, which offer a well-founded introduction to Spacial Dynamics®. Bothmergymnastics®, dance, rhythmic activities, juggling, various games, the five Greek exercises, acrobatics, stick exercises and archery will also play an important role. Also a holistic school of posture, movement
observation, therapeutic techniques and activities for remedial teaching are part of the curriculum.
The training is provided by the Association for Spacial Dynamics® e.V. based in Renningen
The training location is in Ludwigsburg.

Training objectives

  • the further development and improvement of the own ability to move
  • to perceive the effect of movement on oneself and others
  • an understanding of the role of movement in the development from child to adult
  • teach and apply the principles of Spacial Dynamics® in courses
  • the ability to recognise developmental and movement disorders, to understand their origins and to respond to them in a supportive manner

Requirements of the Spacial Dynamics® basic training

Joy of movement, interest and the openness to explore the ideal image of the human being as a being of body, soul and spirit through their own thought and movement work. A special athleticism is not required for participation.

Contact Information for Level I trainings for the countries:

France: Bernard Thiry,
Italy: Manuela Calzavara,
Hungary: Agnes Papp,
Germany: Klaus Lander.
Romania: Christina Spitta,
Switzerland: Dieter Bigler