Introduction to Spacial Dynamics®

Introduction to Spacial Dynamics®

"To meet another person with clarity and fairness is perhaps the greatest movement of all."
Jaimen McMillan


Spacial Dynamics® is the study and enhancement of the relationship between the human being and space. Through movement techniques and activities, Spacial Dynamics gives you the experience of the healthy, harmonious balance between your body and the surrounding space.

Spacial Dynamics trains you to move effectively which in turn manifests in:

  • Greater effectiveness, aesthetics, awareness, and ability to apply what you learn in your every day life.
  • Increase connection to your personal space and the space you share with others.
  • Your body and your activity become one.


Every part of the human body has its own natural distinctive movement or gesture. To be comfortable and healthy, each of these movements has to work together in perfect harmony. Every stage of development, every illness, and every relationship has accompanying spatial movements or patterns that either reinforce or undermine the body's natural way of being. Spacial Dynamics activities and exercises were developed to help everyone learn to work in partnership with the space around them.

When and how?

Spacial Dynamics was developed over decades of intense study, practice, and research into the phenomena of movement and space. Jaimen McMillan founded the Spacial Dynamics Institute 35 years ago and he continues to teach, lecture, and train around the world.


The Spacial Dynamics Institute is an international training organization and has its world headquarters in Saratoga County in upstate New York.

Training courses

The Spacial Dynamics Institute currently offers three levels of training in the discipline of Spacial Dynamics.

  • The first level is a part-time training designed for working individuals and meets five times a year.
  • The second level is offered with specialization in therapy, education, or advanced movement studies; it requires a series of six graduate courses chosen from a variety of offerings.
  • The third level is the study to become a Spacial Dynamics trainer.