Help Keep the Lights on and the Doors Open!

Help Keep the Lights on and the Doors Open!

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Thank you so much for your donations up to now!

News - December 2020

As we draw the Keeping the Lights on and the Doors Open campaign to a close, we share our heartfelt gratitude to everyone across the globe who shared their well-wishes and generosity in support of the work of the Spacial Dynamics Institute (SDI).

With the help of many, and the generosity of a matching donor, this campaign raised $40,000 (all funds referenced are in US dollars). While this fell just short of our ambitious $50,000 goal, the SDI with its director Jaimen MacMillan, is most grateful for the ongoing support. This international effort, combined with the earlier appeal held by the Foundation for Human Movement Studies in the US, raised over $90,000. We are also overly excited to announce that an anonymous donor has offered to make a very generous gift to the Spacial Dynamics Institute through the Foundation for Human Movement Studies at the beginning of 2021. These gifts are true blessings and lifelines for continued good work into the future.

The lights are on, the doors have opened. While some work has begun again at the SDI center in New York (NY), the path to a fully opened Institute remains uncertain with the resurgence of the COVID 19 pandemic.


What is certain is that due to the amazing financial support that has been received, this vital work will continue.,

Thank you for your support in these challenging times. Spacial Dynamics bridges distances between people and creates the conscious social connections which are needed more today than ever. Together we will ensure that this work will continue to inspire the lives of many throughout the world.

With Gratitude,
SD Europe and the international fundraising committee

News - October 18, 2020

"We promised to let you know the moment  the Spacial Dynamics Institute turned its lights on again.  We just did.

It was a very emotional experience to walk into the gym again last week. Our doors had been ordered shut in winter because of the pandemic. Our Spacial Dynamics Institute had been closed since February, 2020. This was to be the very first activity in our gym in 9 months. Ten participants took part in this Level I course in person, on site. Another 30 took part from their homes via ZOOM.

All safety precautions were followed to the “T”, in keeping with our motto that SDI’s major goal is to provide a safe space.

The regulations in New York are changing constantly. We had this brief moment in time to be able to offer this on-site course last week. It will be March before SDI can “spring” into action again with on-site courses. This brief opening of the doors , however, demonstrated just what can take place there. Because of your financial support, the Institute breathed life again. Together we will be sure that it will live on and continue to be a pulsing, inter-national center of health, education, and social leadership.

The very future of the Spacial Dynamics Institute is in jeopardy.

The extraordinary global situation surrounding the Covid 19 virus has forced us to stay at home. We are all experiencing the effects. In some moments we have enjoyed being alone and isolated; in other moments we feel limited and confined by the situation. The social distancing has kept us from our friends, families, and our communities.

The work of the Spacial Dynamics® Institute (SDI) has also experienced isolation and has been shut down since March. All level I, II, and III courses, summer programs, circuses, and core studies programs, which serve individuals from many countries, have ceased. What is more concerning is that Jaimen McMillan, the founder of Spacial Dynamics® Institute (SDI) is uncertain when and if he will be able to open the doors of the SDI again to offer courses there, and in other countries.

When people come together in the exploration of self-discovery through movement, miracles can happen. It is the warmth, reflection, and connectivity with others that launches us beyond our personal spaces. This has been happening for 35 years, all over the world, thanks to the insights and determination of Jaimen McMillan. He has helped so many people, who, in turn have helped others. It has been a viral spreading of a different kind; one that draws people together in openness, dissolves fears, and helps us become more of who we are meant to be.

Many have expressed the want, need, and desire, to return to or join this important work. Fortunately, Jaimen is holding this space in New York, that once again, personal transformations and miracles will be born.

This past weekend of June 26 - 28th was a very special occasion for Spacial Dynamics®: SDI celebrated its 35th anniversary, and its founder, Jaimen McMillan, his 70th birthday. There could, of course, have been no physical gathering, so we are reaching out to you to join us in celebrating these auspicious milestones by donating so that our international center, which has done so much for so many, can continue to thrive.

Many people like you, who believe in the value of Spacial Dynamics® and the importance of the Spacial Dynamics® Institute, have already decided to support the work. With the fundraising campaign “Keep the Lights On” the Foundation for Human Movement Studies (FHMS) raised over $50,000 with your help. We thank the FHMS and all of those who donated funds for the campaign.

That was the first step towards the re - enlightening and the re - opening of the SDI.
It will take additional efforts to ensure the home of the international Spacial Dynamics® movement can operate in the fall. We are calling on all who want to healthily move forward to help us carry the torch that has been lit. Your support is needed to ensure that this protected and peaceful space for movement and meeting one another can be filled with light and warmth when the days get shorter and the nights cooler.

Our goal is to match the $ 50.000 which has already been raised. This will enable the center to not only keep the lights on, it will open the doors for future work and learning. The Spacial Dynamics® Institute needs our help so it can offer its help to those in need.

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SDI Bank of America Account Information

Account Name: Spacial Dynamics Institute
Account Number: 483061575573
Routing Number: 021000322

Bank of America
27 Division Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 USA
Phone: (518) 584-3301

The address of the SDI office if requested is:
Spacial Dynamics Institute
129 Hayes Road
Schuylerville, NY 12871 USA
Phone: (518) 695-6377

For those who have trouble with a money transfer to the US SDI – bank account here is an alternative option via the German bank account of Marita Tulloch. She is one of the organizers of the campaign. The money, you will pay into this account will immediately be transferred via PayPal from her Canadian bank into the Fundraiser account.

Account Name: Marita Tulloch
Bank:    1822direkt
IBAN:    DE89 5005 0201 0394 3293 41
BIC:           HELADEF1822

SD - Fundraising Team

Cristina Dal Zio (Italy), Marita Tulloch (Canada), Susanna Stefanoni (Italy), Gisela Haase (Germany), Tony Cirone (USA), Alessandra Scotti and Francesca Codrino (Italy), Judith & Dieter Bigler (Switzerland), Beate Stolz (Germany), Dr. Christina Spitta (Germany), Ulrich Feigl (Germany), Martin Ebling (Switzerland), Liu Yuan (China), Li Chun (Taiwan), Alejandro Dambrosi (Argentina), Kate Frizzell (USA), Bernard Thiry (France), Lynn St. Pierre (USA)

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