Germany, Ludwigsburg - Level I/4

Spacial Dynamics® Level I (Start in September 2023)

Lyrics and Music by Tatiana Speed, Vancouver, Canada; Participant of Spacial Dynamics® Level I – Training IS14, USA

Take the next step! Join the group!

The Level I program trains students in the principles of Spacial Dynamics®. For almost 40 years, this training has benefited adults in their personal and professional lives: businesspeople, teachers, therapists, artists, athletes, medical and social workers, counsellors, parents, grandparents, and many others have experienced a gain in their health, social life and individual development. Spacial Dynamics® can certainly be described as a forward-looking new social impulse.

The most important prerequisites for participation in this program include:

  • The desire to move and develop; to take the next step.
  • The desire and ability to implement and persevere through an individual program of study that includes practicing and developing skills, implementing creative projects, inner research, and experience.
  • Interest and openness to actively explore the ideals of the multidimensional human being primarily through movement but also intellectually.

It is not necessary to be actively involved in sports to participate in the program. The participants come with very different experiences, abilities and from an age group between 20 and 80 years. They are all united by the desire to engage in space-based movement. Each person is encouraged to engage in the activities to the extent they wish to be challenged.

The goals of the Level I program are:

  • To experience and improve the quality of their own movement.
  • To develop a sense of movement and its effect on self and others;
  • To gain an understanding of the anatomy of movement.
  • To recognize the role of movement in spatial development from childhood into adulthood.
  • To be able to experience, learn and apply the principles of Spacial Dynamics® in any activity;
  • The ability to recognize, understand and correct problems due to incomplete or disturbed physical-spatial coordination.
  • Improving presence in social situations, when presenting, speaking and working in leadership or public roles;
  • The ability to teach and apply Spacial Dynamics principles in any activity - from individual exercises to group dynamic team building activities.

The team of trainers

  • Susanne Wanke, Spacial Dynamics® trainer, therapist and member of the mentoring circle; Waldorf class and movement teacher, from Murr / Baden Württemberg, Germany
  • Klaus Lander, Spacial Dynamics® trainer, therapist, and member of the mentoring circle; master hairdresser; from Renningen / Baden Württemberg, Germany
  • Marita Tulloch, Spacial Dynamics® Trainer, Therapist and Mentor Circle Member; retired Waldorf classroom and movement teacher, from North Vancouver, Canada
  • Les Tulloch, Spacial Dynamics® Trainer, Therapist and Mentor Circle Member; Marine Biologist, from North Vancouver, Canada.

Completion of a Level I training program qualifies participants to offer lay courses and workshops. Further training is required to become a Certified Movement Therapist or a Spacial Dynamics® Trainer.


Training Start: 07-10 September 2023
(You can join the course at any time)

in Ludwigsburg, Freie Walddorfschule, Fröbelstraße 16, 71634 Ludwigsburg, Germany

The training takes place part-time, in 5 extended weekends per year over 4 training years.

On successful completion, after attending the required course weekends and completing the necessary number of hours, a Level I certificate is awarded.

Exercises and techniques used during training:

The exercises used to learn and integrate the human relationship to dynamic space are as varied as the interests of the people themselves.

The focus of this training program is on moving together in genuine interpersonal interaction.

Movements from the following different disciplines are performed and studied to experience, understand and in turn apply their underlying dynamics:

  • Spacial Dynamics® exercises
  • Hands On – techniques
  • Bothmer® Gymnastics
  • Athletics
  • Archery and Dance
  • Posture exercises
  • Ball Games
  • Basics of acrobatics
  • Classroom activities
  • Circus arts and juggling
  • Movement observation and analysis,
  • Teaching methods, therapeutic techniques,
  • Group dynamics,
  • Spatial ergonomics and remedial applications.

The course is based on the ideas and practical applications of thinkers such as M.C. Escher, Edward T. Hall, Viktor Schauberger, Theodor Schwenk, George Adams, Ita Wegman and Rudolf Steiner.

Training’s Location

is the Freie Waldorfschule Ludwigsburg, Fröbelstraße 16, 71634 Ludwigsburg, Germany

Dates for the year 2023/24 in Ludwigsburg:

September 07 - 10, 2023
November 09 - 12, 2023
January 18 - 21, 2024
March 14 - 17, 2024
May 09 - 12, 2024
September 05 - 08, 2024

Tuition fees/conditions

The tuition fees are 1,600.00 € per year = 320.00 € per course weekend (for details see the training and financing contract. Attending a course to "get to know" it is possible by arrangement with the trainer team.

Contact: Marita Tulloch