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In our Board conference on 30.3.2020, we were naturally also concerned with the effects of the current health situation. We became aware that Jaimen McMillan, caused by all the cancelled courses, has time at his disposal that he otherwise does not have, but also has a great financial loss.
As you probably all know, Jaimen McMillan has been working for years on a film in which the basic ideas, history, thoughts and exercises of "Spacial Dynamics®" will be presented in a concentrated way. We think it could become a kind of legacy.
A lot of money and effort has gone into the efforts so far ... also our association has already provided some financial help and we had already decided to consider our support for the film as finished.
Now the situation has changed so much that Jaimen McMillan suddenly has time to finish the remaining parts of the film in a timely manner. He predicts that he will need about 25,000 US dollars to complete the remaining parts of the film. About half of it has already been donated by friends!
In view of the situation, we have now decided to release another 2000 € from the association's credit balance for the completion of the film. We hope for your agreement!
At the same time we would like to ask you to check if you are able to make a contribution (depending on your individual possibilities of course).
We are sure that the finished film will be a very important contribution to the continued existence of Spacial Dynamics® after Jaimen's time of being active!
Please donate to the account:    
Verband für Spacial Dynamics Europa e.V.,         
IBAN: DE36  6809 2000 0013 3577 06
BLZ: 680 920 00
Kto.Nr.: 1335 7706
Subject: "Donation for film project SD" (please specify)
On 30.3.2020 the board of SD Europe:
Beate Stolz, Christina dal Zio, Dieter Bigler, Martin Ebling, Ulrich Feigl

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