Verband Spacial Dynamics® Europa

The association was founded in 2009 and is non-profit.


The association has made it its business to support and spread Spacial Dynamics®. In the purpose article of the statutes the following is written among other things:


  1. Active promotion of healthy movement
  2. Promotion of public health
  3. Promotion of education
  4. Promotion of art and culture
  5. The association promotes education and research in the field of Spacial Dynamics®.

Spacial Dynamics® is a movement training, which is used in the pedagogical, preventive and therapeutic area. It serves the active promotion of healthy human movement. The knowledge of Spacial Dynamics® is to be passed on to all people and professional groups that benefit from it and are interested in it.

Healthy movements serve the prevention of civilization diseases such as posture problems, back problems and other forms of illness that are influenced by unfavorable movement patterns.

Movement is also an art - and cultural asset that influences human development.

Association statutes

Verbandssatzung.pdf (52.4 KiB)